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 We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.

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we pk u

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PostSubject: We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.   Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:02 pm

Ok, I see you have made your way into my thread looking for help.

-When you first log into Project Crusade you probably have no clue what to do. You start with two items.
-Rune pickaxe
-Power Ammulet.

--I suggest you mine Essence. You can find the mines by walking east from the starting point into the next room. If you don't have a pickaxe you can trade the man there. Now after you have purchased your pickaxe click on the portal. I know what your thinking. "Wheres all the essence mines". Simple just click on the man that is towards the center of the mines. You will get teleported. Now you will see a portal to leave the mines and A bank. Take one of the four paths to find the essence stone. You can't miss it. Click the stone once and it will mine you a full inventory by itself. Continue to bank your essence.

--Essence prices can range from anywhere from 10-50k

-Another method is Runescafting instead of selling your essence. I suggest you just make mind-air runes untill you are 45-46 runecrafting. Once you are 45-46 you should make Nature runes and Fire runes. You can either cast alchemy to gain your mage or sell your runes. Runecrafting can be started by entering the "runecrafting portal" In the main portal zone.

--Another thing to do with mined material is smithing. Smithing can be started near the mining portal. You should start buy mining all kinds of different rocks such as iron and copper. Make bars By using your ore on the smelter. I'm going to let you experiment with all the different ores.

To smith you will need:
-Hammer (Hammer can be found a store far south of the starting point. Don't worry look and you will find.)

Next, combat will be explaining.

--melee, After you have made some money look through the shops and find a desired weapon. You can buy scimitars from the preist near the starting point. To trade the preist trade the man (range shop) next to him first then click talk on the priest. Now you can see his items. I suggest you buy one of each type of scimitar. They require different attack levels to weild.

-Bronze 1
-Iron 1
-Mithril 20
-Addy 30
-Rune 40
-Dragon 60 (This is sold at a different store. Look around.)

Start by killing men, after you think your ready for guards start killing them. Also remmeber to pick up the bones if you plan on training prayer in the future. After guards you can move up to spiders. After a while of training you can move to a new monster. But I'll let you make that choice.

--Range, After reading my melee section you should know where the range shop is, If you don't I suggest you go and look back. Now buy rings and either go to barrows or kalphite queen. They can't attack unless you get a little too close. If you think thats a little risky go to the training area and kill mummys or obsidian monsters. Make sure to pick up all good drops for use and or selling.

Range level requirments
-leather chaps and top 1
-Rings 1
-Magic bow 1
-Darkbow 60
-Green dragonhide 40
-Blue dragonhide 50
-Red dragonhide 60
-Black dragonhide 70
-Karils 70.

--Mage, Well just runecraft your runes by using my guide that is above here. Use low alchemy untill you are 55 magic, Then use high alchemy. I suggest you just Alchemize your own money. You can switch magics by using the alter by the starting point. You can't miss it.

Now some other skills,

--Fishing and cooking, You can start fishing by going into the portal near the theifing stall. Theifing stalls are north of the starting point. Once there you will fish shrimps. Here are what levels are required.

-Shrimps 1
-Lobsters 40
-Sharks 76

I suggest you fish untill about 80 fishing, save all your raw food and start cooking. The cooking requirments are the same as the fishing ones.

--Woodcutting, To start woodcutting Head north of the starting point and take a left. You will see a man saying Woodcutting area. Go into the portal near him. The level requirments are.

-Regular logs 1
-Oak logs 15
-Willow logs 30
-Maple logs 45
-Yews 60
-Mages 75

--Fletching and firemaking, You fletch by using a knife with the logs that you have cut, for firemaking use a tinderbox with the logs that you have cut. You can buy knives and tinder boxes at one of the stores near the woodcutting portals. I'll let you find that one by yourself. Level requirments for firemaking and fletching are the same as woodcutting excapt mage logs are "80".

--Theifing, You can start this by going north of the starting point. When you click on a stall it will tell you if you have the level or not to steal from it. You can experiment with this. Over time you will find all the rewards you receive from theifing.

I hope you all enjoyed my guide and good luck,

~~We pk u~~
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PostSubject: Re: We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.   Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:44 am

Excellent guide we pk u! better then what i can do =)

Thanks for this Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.   Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:19 am

very nice guide ill sticky this everyone use this Smile
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PostSubject: Re: We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.   Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:43 pm

NICE i was thinking about adding one like this but you beat me! +5
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PostSubject: Re: We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.   

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We pk u - My own guide to Project Crusade.
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